Why Choose Solar PV? May 04, 2023

Solar photovoltaic is a technology that uses solar energy to convert into electricity, which is a clean, renewable energy source with many advantages. Nowadays more and more people are choosing solar PV as their main source of energy among many other sources. So, why choose solar PV?
   1.Inexhaustible Renewable Energy
    According to estimates, the total amount of solar radiation received by the earth's surface each year is about 5.4×10J, reaching more than 10,000 times the world's total proven energy, if one thousandth of it is converted into electricity at an efficiency of 5%, the annual power generation can reach 5600TW.h, equivalent to more than 30 times the current energy consumption of the world. The life span of the sun is at least 4 billion years, compared to the history of mankind, solar energy can be continuously supplied to the earth for an unlimited period of time.
   2.Not Limited By The Distribution Of Resources In The Region
    Nuclear power, hydropower, thermal power generation requires a certain amount of cooling water, which is necessary in the process of power generation. But solar energy does not have this limitation, in places where there is a lack of water, but also able to install solar equipment for power generation. Solar energy is universal to most areas of the earth and can be used locally.
   3. Photovoltaic Building Integrated Power Generation System
    Photovoltaic power generation can be used on the roof of many buildings, no additional solar power plant is needed, this building power generation, this building use, not only saves transportation costs, and can effectively avoid the occupation of land resources.
   4.With Economic Advantages
    Although the initial investment cost of solar photovoltaic may be higher than traditional energy sources, but the increasing maturity of photovoltaic power generation technology, building roofs, exterior walls and other platforms of the composite development and utilization, the construction cost per kilowatt solar photovoltaic power generation is getting lower and lower, there are now many national subsidy policy support, compared to other renewable energy sources have economic advantages. With the development of science and technology and human development and utilization of solar energy technology breakthroughs, the economics of solar energy utilization will be more obvious.
   5.Green Pollution-Free
    In the process of using photovoltaic power generation, there is no need to use fuel, no emission of any material, no pollution to the environment, no noise, as a sustainable carbon-free energy solution, solar energy for slowing down climate warming, is one of the cleanest energy sources.
    In short, solar PV is an excellent energy option. It has become a green energy solution chosen by more and more customers. POWERACK solar PV mounts have also become the choice of many customers, we can provide roof, ground and other solutions to start a solar life with POWERACK solar PV mounts.

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