The Solar Mounting Kits---Tile Roof May 11, 2023

The tile roof solar mounting bracket system usually consists of PV hooks, mid clamp, end clamp, rails and spare parts, is a fixed solution specifically designed for tile roofs. The system is widely used for commercial and residential tile roof projects, even if you live in an area where high winds often occur, this system allows solar panels to be easily installed on tile roofs.

    The most used coverings on pitched tile roofs are color steel tiles and corrugated asbestos cement tiles. However, the variety of sloped roofs is almost unlimited, but roof hooks can be applied to various sloped tile roofs (glazed tiles, ceramic tiles, asphalt tiles, cement flat tiles, Roman tiles, etc.) depending on the application.The system mounting structure is made of anodized aluminum, ensuring good corrosion resistance. The hooks are made primarily of stainless steel for sturdiness and stability. And the tile hooks are designed to minimize penetration during tile roof solar installation, as they are placed under the tiles and secured to the substructure. The long hole in the bottom plate facilitates adjustment on the batten.Adjustable tile roof hooks provide horizontal and vertical adjustability. The system is fully compliant with international standards for wind and snow loads, making it suitable for a wide range of climate zones.

Adjustable tile roof hooks

Tile roof solar PV mounting system installation:

Before proceeding with the installation, you first need to know the light time, light intensity, and precipitation of the project site, and then observe the shape and arrangement of the shingles to choose the right solution for the tile roof hook bracket system. Then comes the installation steps. The first step is to uncover the roof tiles, then put the hooks on, screw the hooks firmly, and cover the tiles again. Next, the rails and shingle hooks are attached with bolts and nuts, and finally the PV module is fixed with clips in the middle and at the end. If necessary, the length of the rails can be extended with rail connectors. The hooks can be fitted from any position of the shingle and are very easy to install, highly stable and wind resistant.


POWERACK has a very wide range of hook types to match different shingle types for a variety of shingle surfaces. And POWERACK shingle hooks meet or exceed industry ministry standards and have received several certifications. We can also design and manufacture custom solutions upon request, which have been well received by several customers, and welcome your inquiries.

tile roof solar mounting bracket system

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