Powerack East & West Ballasted-B ls to be fixed anywhere on the long side. Therefore, solar panels could withstand greater wind and snow pressure. There is no need to use expansion bolts or chemical bolts on the roof, no damage to roof. The system connects all the panels with the rails into a whole. East-west facing panels have a great effect on resisting wind loads. A combination of high quality aluminium components make a robust, reliable system and quick and easy installation.

Solar mounting system Equipment

Ballasted-B solar mounting system

Ballasted-B solar mounting system

Product features:

1. Maximal area utilized.

2. Maximal PV quantity installed.

3. Maximized roof space utilized, and PV quantity installed.

4. Better panel output.

5. Solar PV to be fast and easily installed on a flat roof with 10 tilt degree inclination.

6. All parts are made of extruded aluminum, with stainless steel 304 fasteners.

7. EPDM foam tape is installed at the bottom of the system, separated the roof and system.

8. EPDM foam tape provides better friction and compensates for the height difference when the roof is  uneven.


Technical features:

Product name Ballasted-B solar mounting system;
Application Concrete flat roof, Trapezoidal sheet metal roof;
Material AL6005-T5, SUS304, EPDM;
Finish AL 6005-T5 Anodized;
Standard TUV, AS/NZ1170.2, JIS C 8955, MCS 012, TUV, UL2703 etc;
Tilt angle  10° or 15°;
Module orientation Landscape.
Trusted by customers from 40 countries
98.7% 5 stars feedback
Trusted by customers  from 40 countries
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98.7% 5 stars feedback
Xiamen Powerack Solar Technology Co., Ltd. located in Xiamen City, Fujian Province, China.Our company is located in the special equipment technology, science and technology innovation technology guide and industrial upgrading promoter, mainly engaged in solar photovoltaic system,adhering to the "professional, focused, technology first" business philosophy and "innovation, excellence" spirit of enterprise. The company is mainly engaged in solar photovoltaic system. Focusing on solar photovoltaic mounting research and development, design, production, sales, installation and testing and other one-stop services. As a photovoltaic mounting manufacturer, we have a wide range of products, providing customers worldwide with solutions for ground-mounted photovoltaic mounting systems, rooftop photovoltaic mounting systems, and various types of photovoltaic mounting systems for residential, commercial, governmental, and power plant construction projects. Our enterprise insists on quality excellence and provides customers with safe, applicable and reliable products through continuous improvement; insists on honesty and integrity, and meets the needs of ground mounting, roof mounting systems and various PV power plant construction customers to a greater extent in a reliable, convenient and effective way. powerack has a complete and scientific quality management system. Powerack's integrity, strength and product quality have been recognized by the industry. Our company has more than 100 workers who are specialized in producing photovoltaic mounting for more than 10 years, with 24-hour production, which solves the problem of urgent delivery and strict quality for customers. We have a complete research and development process and high strict compliance with ISO9001 quality control system. Our products are designed in strict accordance with Australian AS/NZS1170.2, JIS C 8955, MCS012, TUV, UL2703, European Building Codes and other standards. Ensure that every code and regulation is in full compliance with all applicable local or national building codes. Our customers are at the heart of our services. We enhance the value for our customers through constant innovation of stable and high quality solar products, which enhances customer satisfaction as well as strengthens trust. Powerack has a strong sense of social responsibility to share new energy products with our partners and develop new energy industries. Continuously transforming solar energy for the benefit of mankind and contributing to the manufacture of photovoltaic solar energy in the future. 
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