Tilt solar system for higher energy production Jun 15, 2023

The tilt and angle at which solar panels are mounted in a solar PV system can affect the amount of electricity generated. A fixed tilt angle solar racking system can be placed at a fixed tilt angle, which is usually the optimal tilt to allow it to absorb the most sunlight. This type of solar racking system is suitable for ground or roof and is very easy to install and maintain.


Solar tilt bracket systems can be divided into two types, one with adjustable front and solar adjustable rear leg to adjust the tilt angle, and one by using a tripod to adjust it. This system is suitable for flat roofs with metal roofs and concrete roofs. The tilt angle can be customized between 5° and 60° depending on the project requirements.

  solar tilt racking systems

The use of solar tilt racking systems has the following advantages:
1. Easy to install. Components are usually pre-installed, making the installation process quick and uncomplicated. And the modules are made of aluminum and stainless steel, allowing them to be installed even in the harshest of corrosive environments.
2. Optimal tilt angle. The system's adjustable tilt mechanism allows for more precise positioning by adjusting the tilt angle of the solar panels to maximize sunlight exposure throughout the day and year, resulting in higher energy production.
3. Efficient use of space. The solar tripod system provides a compact and efficient design to install more panels on a smaller roof surface, increasing overall power generation and energy output.
4. Roof protection. The ability to distribute the weight of the solar panels evenly reduces the stress on the roof structure. And there is no penetration to prevent damage to the roof surface.
5. Applicability. Can accommodate a wide range of panel sizes, types and configurations. And allows customization to meet specific system requirements and energy needs. At the same time, the system is easily adaptable to future expansion and reconfiguration of the solar array.
6. Wind resistance. Tilt systems, especially tripod systems, provide stability, and concrete blocks can be used as bases for solar panel mounts, ensuring that the mounting system remains intact even during stormy seasons.
7. Convenience of maintenance. Easy maintenance and cleaning of the system ensures optimal performance and longevity of the solar system.

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