The optimal choice for large projects--Ground Mounting System Jun 21, 2023

Ground mounted systems are solar arrays that are fixed to the ground. Typically, these arrays are supported by galvanized steel and or aluminum structures. The support structure is secured to the ground by a foundation of driven piles, screw piles, ground bolts, concrete footings, concrete ballast or a mixture of these components. The type of foundation fixation used depends on the ground land conditions. For example, if there are no large rocks or gravel in the soil, driven pile foundations are often used.

Traditionally, ground mount brackets are often used on larger projects because ground mount systems are more expensive than traditional roof mounts, require the use of more equipment, and have high equipment costs, so contractors often prefer to use ground mount systems on larger projects.


Benefits of ground-mounted systems:

1. Greater flexibility in orientation and angle, and can be installed in any direction in almost any location. Compared to rooftop systems, which are not limited by the size of the roof and can be installed anywhere there is enough sunlight and available land to maximize output.

2. Higher energy yield per panel. Since ground mounting requires the bottom of the panel to be several feet above the ground, air flows freely between the ground and the panel, keeping the temperature lower and thus increasing its efficiency.

3. Easier to expand. If you have enough space, you can easily expand your ground-mounted solar panels.

4. Easier to maintain. Ground-mounted systems mean that maintenance can be done directly on the ground instead of climbing to the roof.


Ground mounting systems have a wide range of variability options for different customer needs: residential, commercial, industrial. We also offer different types of ground systems:Pole solar mounting systemU pile ground solar mounting system and Multi-Pole Mounting system.POWERACK can customize the solution according to the specific needs of the customer, welcome to consult.

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