Cost-Effective Roof Mounting Solutions---L feet May 18, 2023

To ensure the stability of the photovoltaic panels, it is very common to fix solar PV mounts to the roof. L foot tin roof mounting solution applied with trapezoidal sheet metal,corrugated sheet metal by a wooden screw or self-drilling, and it also applied with clamps for a variety of different standing seam roof. The system provides a strong and stable fixation between the metal roof and the solar panels.L feet with EPDM waterproof rubber mats to effectively prevent water leakage caused by penetration of the roof.


L-feet mounting system Advantages:

1. The materials used for the components of the L feet bracket are a combination of high-quality lightweight 6005 aluminum alloy and 304 stainless steel.Anodized surface treatment to make sure high anti-corrosion and long life span. 

2. Special long vertical slot design for adjustment rail height and serrated on the sides for secure mounting on the rail more stronger, It has better strength and connection to the rail.

3. Easy to install. The kit is pre-assembled, easy to combine, save time and effort, and significantly reduce construction costs.

4. Comply with the PV industry standards of many countries

5. It can be used not only with POWERACK aluminum rail profiles, but also with other manufacturers' rails.


L-feet mounting system Installation:

The parts of this system contain rail, L feet, mid clamp, end clamp, rail connector,standing seam clamp...... It can fix to the roof rafter directly, it also can be applied with hanger bolts and Powerack deigning roof clamps.The hanger bolts are M10 and come with 200,250mm,300 length upon request.

Installation steps:

1.fixing the L feet(lock the L feet to roof clamps) or fixing the L feet( with self-tapping screw into roof sheet)

2.Use the rail connector to splice the rail(if required per system design)

3.Fixing the rail on L feet and tighten the bolts.

4.Placing the solar panels and use the end clamps to fix the panel.

5.Using the mid clamps to fix the panel.

6.Installing the grounding lug


Powerack L feet kit is available in a variety of sizes for different roofing conditions.Solutions can be provided according to customer needs.Welcome to Inquiry.

L-feet mounting system

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