Photovoltaic industry: China's foreign trade "new business card" Jun 08, 2023

China's photovoltaic industry has become a major highlight of China's exports. In the past ten years, from raw materials, equipment, market "three heads out", to now occupy a global dominant position "many firsts", the market size of the world's first, the technology level of the world's first, the production and manufacturing of the world's first, the degree of perfection of the industrial chain of the world's first ......, 2022, China's total exports of photovoltaic products exceeded 50 billion U.S. dollars, an increase of 80.3%, and electric vehicles, lithium batteries together with the composition of foreign trade exports "the new three".

In 2022, China's photovoltaic industry delivered a bright answer sheet, the first quarter of this year, China's photovoltaic industry continues to soar. The latest data from the China Photovoltaic Industry Association shows that, from the manufacturing side, the PV supply chain in the traditional off-season still maintains a high start rate. In the first quarter, polysilicon, silicon wafers, modules, cells 4 links growth rate of more than 58%. Photovoltaic product exports also showed a rise in volume and price. In the first quarter, China's total exports of photovoltaic products (silicon wafers, cells, modules) 14.39 billion U.S. dollars, an increase of 15.8% year-on-year, the overall export situation to the good.

Solar PV bracket

      The demand for photovoltaic power generation still maintains a growing trend, shifting from policy-driven to market-driven. As the skeleton of PV power station, PV bracket plays a very important role in PV power generation, and the demand for solar mounting kits will increase. Solar PV bracket is a non-standardized product, and the manufacturer needs to customize the production according to the specific needs of customers, so the production mode of PV bracket enterprises includes independent research and development and production, independent research and development + outsourcing production, and production OEM three. Photovoltaic bracket can be divided into two kinds of tracking bracket and fixed bracket, fixed bracket according to the installation conditions and, the form of different can be sub-categorized as roof PV bracket and ground photovoltaic bracket, relatively high cost performance, and good wind resistance, reliability, tracking bracket flexibility, according to the changes in the sunlight angle for tracking adjustment.

      China's photovoltaic industry can achieve bright results, to a certain extent, thanks to the competitiveness of the industry itself. China's photovoltaic industry has the advantage of the world's most complete industrial supply chain, complete industrial support, upstream and downstream to form a linkage effect, production capacity production advantage is obvious, which is the basis for supporting the mass production of products. At the same time, it is inseparable from the drive of technological innovation, which has significantly improved production efficiency and reduced production and manufacturing costs. The technology of photovoltaic support is also gradually mature.

      With the global energy problem becoming more and more serious, the world PV industry ushered in a larger development, PV has a "bright" development prospects. At present, China has dominated the photovoltaic industry, the future development of the photovoltaic industry and market demand is huge, as the core components of the photovoltaic power generation system of photovoltaic bracket, the market prospects are broad.

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