Great option for flat roof--Ballasted system May 26, 2023

Solar ballast Mounting system is a flat roof racking system, usually used for flat or low sloping roofs. This system is common in large commercial projects and consists of a high strength aluminum alloy profile AL6005-T5 (with an oxidized surface finish) that provides the best solution for almost any flat roof solar power plant. Many building owners are looking to increase solar energy while minimizing penetration. This then is the benefit of ballasted systems, where concrete blocks are placed tin the system in order to weigh down the solar array and preventing movement of the solar panels by weather effects such as wind or snow, all without having to do any (or much) penetration.

Ballasted system Feature:

1. Professional structural design and high-density aluminum ensure the stability, durability and strength of the structure
2. Simplified component configuration makes installation faster and the package size smaller, saving installation cost and shipping cost.
3. No drilling or digging required, no roof penetration. 10-year product warranty.
4. Ballast bracket system can withstand strong winds. However, the stronger the winds in your area, the more weight is needed to keep the solar array stable.
5.EPDM foam tape is installed at the bottom of the system separated the roof and system and it provides better friction and compensates for the height difference when the roof is uneven.

 Flat roof ballast racking systems

Flat Roof Ballasted Solar Racking System

The amount of power generated by a ballasted system is affected by several factors. While the system will be located on a flat roof, in most cases the solar panels themselves will be mounted at an angle. Flat roof ballast racking systems are available in two configurations: horizontal south and east-west. Mounting the solar panels at an angle increases the amount of sunlight they receive by choosing the right orientation, which allows them to generate more electricity.

If you have a flat roof on your business or home, a ballasted system may be the best option for you. Save money in the short and long term by creating renewable energy. They're relatively easy and quick to install, and in most cases, they keep your roof in good shape and your roof's warranty in good standing. Best of all, you get free, renewable electricity.


Powerack solar ballast systems are available in two system options: A system and B system.And it has been installed in several countries, to learn more, come and contact us.

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