What Is The Thin Film Solar Module Clamp? Sep 14, 2023

A thin film module clamp is a component used in solar panel installations to securely fasten thin film solar modules onto support structures such as rails or frames. Compatible for thin film module, double glass module, frameless module thickness 3-8mm.These clamps are specifically designed to accommodate the unique characteristics of thin film modules, which are typically lightweight and flexible compared to traditional crystalline silicon panels.The thin film clamp is divided into the film mid clamp kit and the film end clamp kit.

 the film mid clamp


the film end clamp kit

Here are some key features and considerations related to thin film solar panel mounting clamps:

 Design: Thin film module clamps are designed to provide a secure grip on the module without damaging its delicate surface. We put bolt head in the hollow part to avoid shading on thin panels. Fixed EPDM rubber sliding off problem.  They often feature adjustable widths and flexible materials to accommodate the varying thickness and dimensions of different thin film modules.

 Material: Common materials used for thin film module clamps include aluminum Al6005-T5 and stainless steel SUS 304. These materials offer good strength, durability, and resistance to corrosion, ensuring long-term reliability and performance.

 Installation: Thin film module clamps are typically installed along the edges of the module to hold it in place. The installation process may involve sliding the clamp onto the module and then attaching it to the support structure using bolts, screws, or other fasteners.

Compatibility: It's crucial to select clamps that are compatible with the specific thin film module being used. Different manufacturers may provide clamping systems designed specifically for their modules. Additionally, ensure compatibility with the support structure, such as the size and configuration of the rails or frames.

Electrical Isolation: Thin film modules often require electrical isolation to prevent potential performance issues caused by contact between the module and the clamping system. Some clamps include insulating materials or designs to ensure proper isolation.

When installing thin film modules, it's important to follow the manufacturer's instructions and guidelines for selecting and using the appropriate clamping system. This helps ensure a secure and reliable installation while maintaining the integrity of the thin film modules.

Feel free to contact POWERACK for further guidance on selecting and installing a thin film module clamping system that meets your specific installation requirements.

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