Test the pull of Mini Rail POW-TRB-D10 Nov 09, 2023


S Tensile Testing is a specialized service offered by SGS, a leading global testing and certification company. Tensile testing is a crucial method for evaluating the mechanical properties of materials, measuring their strength, ductility, and elasticity.


In order to prove that our products can achieve satisfactory results and win more customers' trust. As a professional solar racking brand, our factory cooperates with the first-class testing team in China to conduct tension tests on our Mini rail products, so that our design does not just stay in theory. We conduct a full range of tests under various conditions


SGS provides comprehensive analysis and data interpretation, helping businesses ensure product quality, safety, and compliance with industry standards.According to the client's requirements, fix the sample on the test machine. Apply the pull force as a rate of 5mm/min till destruction. Determine the maximum force.

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