Powerack Solar PV Racking Achieves CE certification Nov 16, 2023


In a significant industry development, solar photovoltaic racking systems have achieved CE marking, reaffirming their compliance with rigorous safety and quality standards. This milestone brings assurance to solar energy stakeholders, reinforcing the reliability and performance of solar PV installations across Europe.



CE marking, which stands for European Conformity, is a mandatory certification for products sold within the European Economic Area. It indicates that a product meets essential health, safety, and environmental protection requirements set by the European Union (EU) legislation.It also ensures that these systems fulfill important safety requirements, mitigating risks associated with installation or operation. As the demand for sustainable energy grows, CE-marked bracket systems will play a crucial role in supporting the continued expansion of solar power generation throughout Europe and beyond.

With the assurance of CE marking, the solar industry can confidently move forward, driving the transition to clean and renewable energy sources, while meeting the highest safety standards.


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