Solar Carport System Will Be A Trend Jul 06, 2023

As people's awareness of environmental protection and sustainable development gradually increases, solar carports, as a new type of clean energy facility, are gradually becoming more popular. Solar carport system is a combination of solar photovoltaic power generation and carport. The roof of the carport is made of solar panels, which can absorb the sun's energy and convert it into electricity. It not only performs the functions of a traditional carport such as shade, rain and snow protection, but also generates all or part of the energy your house needs to run, depending on how many solar panels you use to build the carport.

The main application areas of the solar carport market include commercial, industrial, residential and others. The commercial sector is mainly used in shopping centers, supermarkets, hotels, etc. The industrial sector is mainly used in factories, logistics parks, etc. The residential sector is mainly used in private homes, public parking lots, etc. Some solar carport structures are also equipped with built-in electric vehicle (EV) charging stations. As the price of solar PV systems gradually decreases and the sales of EVs rise, the application prospects of solar carport systems will be even more promising.

Building a solar carport mounting system has many benefits:
1. Reduce energy expenses
Solar carports can provide the electricity needed without having to buy it from the power company, which allows solar carport owners to save money on electricity.
2. Protect the car from the outside environment
Installing solar carport has the function of traditional carport, it can protect your car from the weather, such as: rainy or snowy weather conditions, also can solve the problem of high temperature in the outdoor parking lot in summer.
3. Convenient electric car charging
Nowadays, the trend of electric cars is growing rapidly, and electric cars can be charged by solar carport system, which is very convenient.
4. Effective space utilization
Solar carport system can be built in the same place, without expropriating new land.
5. Energy saving and environmental protection, easy to maintain
The use of solar power generation, no emissions, no noise, no pollution, is a green and environmentally friendly clean energy. Also, the tilted solar panels allow rain and snow to slide off automatically, and if maintenance is needed, it is easy to approach for easy maintenance.

However, solar carport system also have disadvantages, such as space requirements may be larger and the initial cost of construction is higher. But overall, the pros outweigh the cons. POWERACK provides waterproof carports and can customize the carport installation system according to the customer's needs, there are multi-vehicle carport systems, customers are welcome to consul. solar carport mounting system

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