Knowledge About Solar PV Mounting System Mar 30, 2023

In order to avoid the risk of resource depletion, to protect the ecological environment and to achieve sustainable economic and social development, people are looking for alternative energy sources that are efficient and renewable. And the sun is one of the best sources of energy. Solar energy is converted into usable energy by photovoltaic cells in solar panels. Solar photovoltaic mounts, on the other hand, are special mounts designed to place, mount and fix solar panels so that they can maximize energy generation.


Solar mounts are mainly made of aluminum and stainless steel and feature no welding, no drilling, adjustable and reusable. The solar panels can be adjusted to different angles of light by moving the fasteners for better absorption of solar energy.


The types of solar PV mounts mainly include the following:

1.  Ground mount system. This is the most common type of racking in solar PV systems. Usually using poured concrete foundations and steel steel frames. It is suitable for large power stations and large commercial projects.

2. Roof mount system. This type of racking is usually installed on commercial and residential roofs to save space.

3.Carport system.Carport mounting system is a combination of photovoltaic power generation and carport.It can be used in homes, commercial areas and other outdoor places.

Different types of mounts are suitable for different application scenarios. Choosing the right mount can improve the efficiency and lifetime of your solar PV system.


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