Impact of high winds on solar PV systems and response measures Jul 20, 2023

Solar photovoltaic systems have become an important part of the renewable energy sector, but when installing solar photovoltaic systems we need to take into account the natural conditions, such as high winds, which may have some impact on them. In this paper, we will discuss the impact of high winds on solar PV systems and provide some countermeasures to ensure reliable operation and safety of the system.

There are several possible effects of high winds on solar PV systems

1.  Structural stability: High winds may impact the solar PV system's racking and components, resulting in structural instability or damage.

2. System performance degradation: Strong winds may cause positive pressure to be exerted on the surface of the solar module, resulting in a "laddering effect" that affects the efficiency of the light energy received.

3. Safety Hazard: When the solar PV system is hit by strong winds, it may cause the components to fall off or fly apart, resulting in the safety hazard of personnel injury and property damage.


To cope with the effects of high winds on solar PV systems, we can take the following measures:

1. Selection of appropriate location and mounting system: When installing a solar PV system, select a wind-resistant designed solar mounting system and an appropriate mounting location to ensure structural stability and wind resistance.

2. Design correct tilting angle and orientation: According to the local climatic conditions and environmental requirements, reasonably design the tilting angle and facing direction of the solar modules to reduce the impact of high winds on the system.

3. Dynamic wind load monitoring and protection: wind speed monitoring devices are installed to monitor wind conditions in real time and to ensure that the system provides automatic protection when preset wind speed thresholds are reached, e.g. by automatically shutting down the bracket locking system or module laying.

4. Daily Maintenance and Inspection: Regularly check the key components of the solar PV system, such as the bracket and junction box, to ensure that they are tightened securely and free from damage, and clean up any debris around them in order to keep the system in normal operating condition.

5. Professional Installation and Maintenance: Since the installation and maintenance of a solar PV system involves complex electrical and structural work, it is recommended that you seek out a professional installer or repairer to perform the work to ensure optimal safety and performance.


For solar PV systems, high winds are a factor that needs to be taken seriously. We want to minimize the impact of high winds on solar PV systems and ensure stable operation and safety of the system. Proper solar PV mounting kits can minimize the impact of high winds on the PV system, POWERACK provides high quality mounting to make the system more stable.

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