How to Increase Solar Power Generation Aug 10, 2023

With the increasing global demand for renewable energy, solar energy, as a clean and renewable form of energy with the advantages of non-pollution, noiselessness, and sustainability, has received more and more attention. However, the volatility and instability of solar power generation has been a key issue hindering its large-scale application. After previously understanding the factors affecting solar power generation, we can take the following measures in order to better utilize solar energy resources and increase solar power generation:

1. Upgrading solar power generation technology: Increase research and development of solar power generation technology to improve solar cell efficiency and power density. Continuously promote the innovation of photovoltaic technology, develop more efficient and stable solar cells, and improve the absorption rate and conversion efficiency of solar cells, which can effectively increase solar power generation.

2. Optimize the layout and design of the photovoltaic power station: shadow shading and mutual shading between photovoltaic panels should be avoided to ensure full exposure to sunlight and maximize the ability of photovoltaic panels to receive solar energy. In addition, the tilting angle and steering system of the PV power station should be adjusted appropriately, so that it can obtain the longest sunshine time during the day by adjusting the solar mounting bracket. You can also choose to install a solar tracking system, so that the solar panels are always facing the sunlight, making it possible to absorb more sunlight, optimize the light conditions, and improve the power generation efficiency, but the cost of installing a solar tracking system is higher.

3. Keep solar panels clean and regular maintenance
Dirt and dust on the surface of the solar panels will affect the performance of the solar system and lead to a decrease in power generation efficiency. You can choose to use a soft brush and water to gently clean the surface, so that the solar system can be restored to its optimal performance. When installing a solar system, you can choose solar FRP walkway for maintenance, which is easy to maintain and will not affect the use of the system.

solar FRP walkway

4. Application of energy storage systems: select efficient and reliable batteries, match capacity to actual power demand, and optimize battery management and monitoring systems to ensure efficient storage and use of energy. Energy storage systems can convert excess power stored during the day as well as solar energy at night into electricity supply. Therefore, optimizing the energy storage system can maximize the effect of solar power generation.

5. Monitoring system performance: real-time monitoring and analysis of the entire system to identify and resolve power generation inefficiencies in advance. Improve solar power generation by analyzing and optimizing real-time power generation data.


In conclusion, increasing solar power generation requires a variety of measures to optimize the performance of your solar system and increase solar power generation more effectively. Choosing the right solar mounting kits will make the solar panels more stable and placed for optimal results, so if you need to buy a solar bracket, choose POWERACK, which will provide a solution for your needs and allow your system to absorb more sunlight.

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