How To Choose Roof Solar PV Mounting System? Oct 12, 2023

With the continuous development of renewable energy, solar photovoltaic (PV) systems are gradually gaining popularity as a green energy solution. More and more people will use their roof space to install solar systems. But different types of roofs require different types of solar mounts to install the solar panels. This blog will introduce the corresponding solar PV mounts for common roof types:

Flat Roof (flat roof with large slopes): For flat roofs, common solar PV mounts include fixed mounting system and tilt mounting system. Fixed mounts tilt the solar panels onto the mount to increase solar efficiency. Tilt solar racking adjust the angle of the solar panels to suit the season and different sunlight angles.

Flat Roof solar mounting

Pitched Roof: For pitched roof, a commonly used solar mounts is the tilt racking. Solar Tilt Racking hold the solar panels securely on the roof while maintaining a certain tilt angle for optimal sunlight.

Pitched Roof soalr mounting

Metal Roof: A common type of solar bracket used for metal roof solar mounting systems is a steel bracket. This type of bracket can be mounted directly to the threaded holes in the metal roof, providing solid support and ensuring proper clearance between the solar panels and the roof for ventilation and heat dissipation.

metal roof solar mounting systems

Tile Roof: Tile mounting systems, a common solar PV mount is a clamp mount. This type of bracket allows the solar panels to be mounted between the shingles and secured to the roof by clamping without drilling holes or damaging the waterproofing of the tile.

Tile mounting systems

In addition to these common roof types, there are other specialised roof types, such as lawn roofs, expanding roofs, etc., which may require specially designed brackets to suit particular installation needs.


When choosing solar PV mounting, it is recommended to consult a professional supplier or installation team, you can choose POWERACK, we can provide you with the most suitable mounting solution according to your roof type and specific needs. At the same time, make sure that the racking you choose comply with the relevant industry standards and are certified for quality to ensure a safe and reliable installation.

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