Do You Know How to Fix Solar Brackets? Nov 23, 2023

solar PV racking
Ground fixing: Solar PV racking is fixed directly on the ground, and concrete foundation or ground screw foundation can be used for solid support. This method is suitable for large-scale solar power stations or places that need to arrange solar panels over a large area.

Roof Fixing: Solar PV racking is installed on the roof, generally using bolts and custom metal roof solar mounting hook to fix it to the roof structure. Roof mounting is suitable for residential, commercial and industrial buildings.

Vertical Wall Fixing: Solar PV racking is fixed to the vertical wall of a building, generally using a special racking system and fixing bolts. This method is suitable for buildings with spare vertical walls, such as storage rooms and carports mounting system.

Suspension fixing: The solar PV racking is suspended on the external wall of the building or cliff edge and other locations, generally using special suspension systems and fixing devices. This method is suitable for locations where there is no available ground or roof space, such as balcony solar mounting system.

Proper design and construction can reduce costs and improve system reliability. When installing solar PV racking, it is recommended to consult a professional solar installation company or engineer to ensure proper installation and operation.

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