Tile Roof Adjustable Hooks May 04, 2023

In order to solve different customers' needs for tile roofs, suitable for solar panel size requirements and adjustment angles, our company is recently launching two new double adjustable tile roof hooks: Double adjustable tile roof hook POW-TRH-T14 & Double adjustable tile roof hook POW-TRH-T16.

 Adjustable Hooks


            Roof Adjustable Hooks



Solar roof hooks is a complete line of tile roof attachment solutions for both commercial and residential applications. It is designed, developed and manufactured using our proprietary design for strength and increased span to connect solar panels to tiles. The hooks have our universal design and the hooks are also equipped with stainless steel bolts, a sturdy design that ensures the original performance and longevity of the hooks. Easy to install, adjustable hook position, different widths of bases and various hole types.

Customers can also customize according to their needs. We hope to receive more suggestions and requests from customers, absorb new ideas and concepts, and we will update our creative thinking in time to make changes in more hook types and design more beautiful, easy and practical hooks, please believe in the strength of the powerack team, and we will bring more surprises to you.

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