Powerack Tin roof systems Apr 06, 2023

Compared with the previous panels, the size of the current panels is larger and heavier, so higher requirements are also placed on the photovoltaic brackets, and various bracket manufacturers also need to make timely response strategies.

So how can you keep your project safe without increasing costs?

Compared with other types of supports, roof supports are relatively simple and can largely ignore the effects of angle, wind speed, etc.

Taking tin roof roof as an example, we introduced a higher height solar mounting to improve the bearing capacity of the mounting, and also changed the size of the clamps, which not only guaranteed the performance of the mounts, but also satisfied the advantages of quick installation that we have always insisted on.

In response to the customer's demand for theWeatherClip II 700 tin roof, we have launched newly product -Solar Mounting Clip :POW-TRB-C30 ,TRB-C26  


WeatherClip II 700

  WeatherClip II 700

                            POW-TRB-C30                                                                     POW-TRB-C26  




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