Mid-Autumn Pokies Campaign Sep 28, 2023

In celebration of the Mid-Autumn Festival, the highly anticipated Mid-Autumn Pokies Campaign will entice participants with its perfect mix of traditional festivities and modern entertainment.

The event will be held at the gala dinner venue. Participants will have the opportunity to try their luck in gaming games with prizes.The official rank includes: Number One Scholar, Ranking First, Exploring Flowers, Jinshi, Juren, and Xiucai. The corresponding prizes include red packets and gifts of various amounts.

The event will reflect the spirit of reunion and the beauty of the harvest moon. With prizes, surprises and a lively atmosphere, the Mid-Autumn Pokies Campaign is sure to leave participants with fond memories of this cherished cultural celebration.

                      Mid-Autumn Pokies Campaign


                      Mid-Autumn Pokies Campaign

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