Harvest of Intersolar München Jun 21, 2023

After attending Intersolar München - The World’s Leading Exhibition Series for the Solar Industry.A good harvest!This is the largest and most international event in the history of Smart Europe 2023.

 We met many old customers at the Intersolar, and each customer gave feedback that the products were very good, the installation in their local area was perfect. And several orders have been placed again, which need to be shipped in batches.At the same time, many new customers are interested in our products and have placed their first orders one after another.Interested in our tiled roof system and ground system with helical ground piles respectively.Our factory is stocking up for the next orders to be ready for supply and demand.

Sharing a set of pictures of our customers being shipped.We have a large stock of goods in stock.Please click on our homepage to see more of our wider range of solar mounting systems.

 mini railsolar mounting mini railAdjustable Rear LegSolar Mounting Ground Screwsolar mounting systemssolar tile mounting systems

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