Establishment of the Powerack Assembly Plant Jun 08, 2023

Powerack business growth with the addition of an assembly plant with over 3,000 square feet of assembly space.Customers do not need to worry about delivery ,we have added an assembly plant for shorter and faster delivery times.

On a windy and sunny day, the assembly plant started operations.

solar mounting systems 

To celebrate the establishment of the assembly plant, we will conduct a firecracker ceremony.Firecrackers are a tradition in our Chinese culture.The "sound of firecrackers" is an important part of Chinese culture. The sound of firecrackers is also an important expression of New Year's culture and is also used on the usual important occasions to ward off evil spirits and to smooth out the aura, as well as to symbolise good luck for the family, work and career in the coming year. Prosperity and wealth in each year ahead.

solar Assembly Plant

We hope that the powerack team can serve you well in the coming year!

We hope that customers who want to place an order will do so quickly and we will be your best choice.Remember, we now have a large number of products in stock, so place your order with us!


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